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If you would like us to take care of the formation of your business in Germany, we will need some information to get started. To open a German UG, it would be:

  • Identity information about directors and shareholders of the German UG or German GMBH;
  • Copy of each final beneficial owner, director, and shareholder’s passport;
  • Our company incorporation forms to be filled by you;
  • Preference for the company name, availability should confirm first.

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Normally, after preparing initial documents, a local visit by shareholders and directors is necessary. It may complete these in one day. On the same day, the company will be formed, and it will create a bank account. We also can fully self-integrate remotely. It will draw out here the power of attorney and be signed by the local notary public. You will not need to travel to the nation to start your business.

Our company will present the notary’s incorporation documents to the local court. The capital deposit needs to be contributed to the bank before it can complete the business. The recommended investment capital for the German UG is a minimum of 1000 EUR.

The formation process, opening a bank account, and registering with the chamber of commerce will take 1-2 weeks (approximately). We can make incorporation easier with us.

We can assist you with your incorporation, setting up a virtual office, and opening a bank account  remotely. Through our procedures, eliminate the need for a personal visit. Setting up your company in a foreign country has never been easier!

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