• Plastics & Paper Packaging

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  • Enter Indian market with confidence

    Our simple approach to complex Indian market entry challenges



    We do it all, from devising a product launch strategy to identifying a target market for your products.



    We not only identify key and credible suppliers for sourcing your products but manage the entire sourcing process from start to finish.



    We assist in finding the right channel partners including distributor, wholesalers agents and C&F's for your products.

  • Source & Procure your Molds and much more

    Goods can help you source your mold economically, follow your project timelines and manage shipping and tracking

  • Functional Areass Served

    We've got a top notch team!




    • All type of Plastic-Molding products including injection, blow, compression and rotational.
    • Mold manufacturing and sourcing solutions for all kind of Plastic-Molding including closures, caps etc.
    • Industries- Food & Dairy Packaging, Homeware & LIfestyle, Utilityware and Others
    Paper Packaging

    Paper Packaging


    • All type of Paper related products including duplex, craft papers, coated, liners and corrugated board
    • Sourcing solutions for all kind of paper packaging needs.
    • Industries- Food & Dairy Packaging,
  • Did you know Indian Plastics and Packaging Industry is growing at an exponential pace

    We are you ideal partner for Indian market success

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