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Technology Consulting Case Study 4

A leading fashion online store approached us looking to eliminate the need for their customers to go out and shop for clothing. They were looking to deliver personalized recommendations right to their door. How we approached: Our experts combined the expertise of personal stylists along with the insight and efficiency of artificial intelligence in order […]

Technology Consulting Case Study 3

An e-commerce site, which was trying to make its presence felt, approached us to come with solutions to optimise their service and to create real-time problem-solving solutions that has the potential of reaching customers on the right platforms. How we approached: Our experts (data scientists) were able to use Al to detect fake reviews, chatbots, […]
Technology consulting

Technology Consulting Case Study 2

A retail store approached us looking at solutions from assembly to post -sale customer service interactions.Few questions which faced us was to understand the innovations that should be put to use to emerge as game-changers. How we approached this problem: Our data scientists came up solutions that helped stores to personalise the preferences and buying patterns […]
Technology consulting

Technology Consulting Case Study 1

A leading public health company approached ODINT. The client was aiming to build a healthcare mobile platform to integrate field force. The aim was to build mobile first health platform which will be used for patients visiting public health providers. How ODINT approached this problem: Our enterprise application and data scientist collaborated and we came […]
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