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  • Portugal Business Immigration

    Residency For Self Employed & Immigrant Entrepreneur

  • Golden Residency Programme

    Portugal is a prominent member of the European Union. A semi-presidential republic, Portugal has a long and illustrious history of trade and commerce across the world. The wholesale, retail and food services are the key business sectors in Portugal. More than 76% of its trade happens with other EU member states. Portugal offers an excellent opportunity for those desire a European way of life and supportive infrastructure to thrive and flourish. Being a Mediterranean nation, Portugal climate is moderate and pleasant throughout the year. The friendly and amicable nature of Portuguese people resonates with their long-standing heritage and rich culture.

    Portugal is often referred to as the most upcoming manufacturing hub of European Union. Its proximity, strategic location and low cost of labour yet high standard of living makes it a perfect destination for families who wish to re-locate and start a new life. Whether it’s medical insurance for your entire family or the children who can attend free of cost high standard of public education or businesses, which can enjoy of the lowest cop rate interest rates in the EU, Portugal has something to offer to everyone..

    Portugal Demographics
  • Why Portugal is For You?

  • D2 Visa for Portugal
    Residency Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

    The D2 visa, also called the Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, gives resident status to immigrants who plan to involve themselves investment activities in Portugal. The legal basis for this type of visa can be found in article 60(2) of Law No.2. 23/2007 from July Four, and regulated by article 31(2)(3)of Regulation Decree No. 2. 84/2007 from November 5 and Paragraph Two of this article Eighty nine was amended by Law No. 2. 59/2017, pf07/21 and fourth amendment to the Aliens act in force since First August' 2017. For more information visit www.sef.pt


    In basic terms, the investment must be made by way of a company that one wishes to establish in Portugal, in the scope of a well defined business plan, which will be judged above all, on an investment level, for its prospective economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevancy.

    Target: Small business owners who wish to establish themselves in Portugal.

  • Steps to Obtain Residency In Portugal

    Social Security Number
    Opening Bank Account and Investment
    Opening Bank Account and Investment
    Opening Bank Account and Investment
    Appointment and Representation at Immigration Office
    Issue of Residency Card
  • Simple Requirements to open a company in Portugal

    Documents & Information


    Identification Proof

    Passport copies of directors/shareholders


    Latest Address Proof

    Latest utility bill of director/shareholders.


    Name your Company

    Suggested name of your Portugal company.


    Nature of Business

    Define your main business activities.

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  • Download Portugal Business Immigration Proposal


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