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    Make the most of the new immigration regulations introduced on 1st August 2017

    D2 Visa for Portugal: Residence Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

    The D2 visa also called the Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, gives resident status to immigrants who plan to involve themselves investment activities in Portugal.   The legal basis for this type of visa can be found in article 60(2) of Law No. 23/2007 from July 4, and regulated by article 31(2)(3) of Regulation Decree No. 84/2007 from November 5. and Paragraph 2 of this article 89 was amended by Law no. 59/2017, pf07/21 and fourth amendment to the Aliens Act in force since 1st August' 2917. For more information visit www.sef.pt


    In basic terms, the investment must be made by way of a company that one wishes to establish in Portugal, in the scope of a well-defined business plan, which will be judged above all, on an investment level, for it's prospective economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevancy.  

    Target: Small business owners who wish to establish themselves in Portugal.
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  • Steps to Obtain Residency in Portugal

    We make it very simple for you and your family to obtain European Residency in 180 or less*


    Securing NIF or Social Security Number

    Documents required are an Application form; Copy of Representative’s Identification Document; Copy of interest party’s passport, authenticated by an official Portuguese consulate official.

    Time of Wait: ODI can help you secure NIF no. in 1-2 working days.  


    Opening Bank Account & investment

    Documents required are NIF (either proof of one or the actual issued document); Passport ; Other documents, to the bank’s discretion.

    Time of Wait: With ODI's relations with leading banking institutions, we can help you open an account 1-2 working days.


    Company Formation in Portugal

    Documents required are NIF (either proof of one or the actual issued document); Passport; Power of attorney;

    Time of Wait: ODI's team can help you form a company with 2 working days including draft resolution and articles.


    Dosier Preparation


    Once your company is established and bank account is operational, our team of immigration lawyers draft your business and financial plan based on the information you provide about your business.

    Time of Wait: This process usually takes 30-45 days from the date of company formation


    Appointment at Immigration Office

    The completed dossier is carefully prepared and submitted to make an appointment with the immigration authorities.

    Time of Wait: This process usually takes 30-45 days from the date of dossier preparation


    Representation at Immigration Office

    On the date of appointment with immigration office, you have to be present in Portugal. The interview is straight forward and our lawyer will be present in the room.

    Time of Wait: 30-45 days from the date of submission of dossier


    Issue of Residency Card


    Once the decision is made and is positive, you are invited to the immigration office for issuance of a 1 year residency card renewal every 2 years leading to a Portuguese passport in 5 years. Your bi-metrics are done on this day.

    Time of Wait: 60-120 days from the date of submission of papers.

    Note:This time may vary due to high volume of application in Portugal.


    Family Re-Unification


    After your Portuguese Residency card is issued, your family (wife and kids) can be re-united within 90 days. ODI can help you make the application and secure residency cards for your family.

    Time of Wait: Usually within 10 working days from the date of application

  • Why is Portugal for you?


    Gateway to Europe

    Working in Portugal gives you access to the worlds' highest disposable income consumers. You can trade and work freely with other 27 European Union countries without any borders or restrictions. Portugal truly is a 'Gateway to Europe'.

    Low Cost of Labor

    Although being an EU country, in Portugal you can get access to the cheap and skilled labor market. The minimum salary is 560 euros*. This is a reflection of the low cost of living in Portugal.

    Low Corporate Tax

    Income derived from real estate is
    subject to a tax rate of 10 percent. Some types of capital gains, such as those derived
    from the transfer of shares, are, in some cases, tax exempt. The corporate tax rate in Portugal
    is 21%, It was lowered by 2% from 23% in 2015 as a part of tax reforms.


    Portugal has a thriving economy with many great opportunities. The sectors that have picked up in last decade are food, hospitality, automotive, IT, chemical real estate and allied services, manufacturing and trading. Portuguese government offers incentives to start-ups and have laid down many business-friendly policies.

    World-Class Infrastructure

    Portugal has completed 100% of its TEN-T Core Road Network. And the quality of the Portuguese road infrastructure is rated among the best in the European Union. Ratings are also positive as regards the quality of Portugal's airport, port and railway infrastructure.

    Safe & Secure

    Compared to other EU, Portugal is relatively very safe. Portugal offers a safe conducive environment for expats to live and prosper. There is a very low crime rate and is rated very highly in terms of women and child safety.

  • Frequently Asked Question

    What Kind of company do I have to open in Portugal?

    In Portugal you can have several company models, but it has been the limited liability companies which have been the most sought after for those looking to expand. This sort of company imports at least two partners; however, it is the easiest to float a “uni-person” or a sole proprietorship company having only a single owner.

    Is there a minimum capital requirement to establish the company?


    In both limited liability and Uni-person companies, the equity capital is set in the company's contract, There is no minimum value required for the establishment of a company with the only requirement being the quantification each partner's allotment, whose face value must not be below 1 Euro. (articles 201 and 219 of the Code of Commercial Companies)

    Is it necessary to have a partner?

    You can open uni-person limited liability company, which does not need a partner. However, if you choose to start a limited liability company, you will need at least one more partner.

    Does this visa allow me to work elsewhere in Portugal?

    The authorization of residence which comes with this type of visa allows for the holder to work in other establishments other than their own business.

    Does the law describes any value of minimum investment?

     Article 60 (2), of Law Nº 23/2007 from July 4 requires that investments must have been made, or that one can prove the possession of available funds in Portugal. Furthermore, once one provides proof the said funds, they must also exhibit the intention of proceeding in an investment operation.
    In other words, the law does not require any minimum investment value, due to the same being beneficial for the diversification of economic activity by way of the company's development. Therefore, the value of the investment should compatible to the activity of the business owner. There should be sufficient amount to launch business activities. The amount of the investment also serves to prove the credibility of the business proposal.

    Will I have any fixed monthly expense in Portugal?

    There are two types of monthly charges, one being in respect to the CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) and the other being payment towards social security. The CAT's fee differs from company to company.  For each manager, the company is obligated to contribute with a global percentage of 34,75 % on the amount set in the Social Support Index (SSI), which is 559 Euros. Consequently, for each manager, the monthly amount to be contributed is of 194 Euros, to be paid before the 20th of each month.
    In the case that the visa holder has a job parallel to their own business activities, in the sense that it would create discounts in social security, the same is exempt of any obligation to pay this as company manager.
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