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Textile Business Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for an end number of things and it’s a great place to start your business. Netherland provides you a platform for the textile business based largely on innovation. ODINT can help you with International business Advisor in price, condition, and paperwork.

Netherlands Company Formation – 

The government has a legal framework for business if you want to sell the textile in a Dutch shop. Sellers must meet the terms with the Decree on Textiles Articles which is comprised in the Commodities Law.

How to register a Dutch shop in the Netherlands?

Firstly, the shop needs to get register with Trade register. The company formation procedures in the Netherlands are as follows- 

  • select a trading name
  • choosing a business type
  • registering the chosen business type
  • register for taxation
  • register for social security
  • Need to open a merchant account in a bank if required.

Dutch clothing shops selling stuff from different providers should similarly ensure these conform to the law. The following two points are mandatory for custom-made textile production.

  • The label of the product is in Dutch
  • The label needs to have information on the material like the composition with full details and the name of fiber used

Company formation in Holland

The company registration process is the first and foremost step to start a business for selling textiles in the Netherlands. Before starting the business the owner should carefully fix a location to begin. Online business is likewise mainly for selling supplies in the Netherlands. The proprietor should make a web platform and need to follow the guidelines for the online textiles business.   

The online shop must show its ensuing information on its website:

  • General norms related to payments, delivery, and guarantees of the products
  • Include all information about the company’s full address, VAT number, and business registration number
  • An email address with proper contact address and location be shown on the website

If you are a citizen of the European Union (EU), European Economy Area (EEA), and Switzerland and for non-EU citizens have different regulations to open a business in the Netherlands. The non-EU citizens who are interested and want to start a business in the Netherlands will need to have the local immigration laws and they need to have a residence and a work permit. 

ODINT is looking forward to helping you with our team of experts regarding all aspects of International trade advisory so that you can run your business smoothly.




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