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In Germany, people who prefer to enjoy absolute authority of their undertaking can appropriate an exclusive proprietorship. This is a straightforward approach to join with the resident trade office. In means of tax collection, one of our experts in company formation in Germany can reinforce you considering your debt obligations with alternative actions.


When an entrepreneur opens an individual proprietorship, he/she can give for a request number with the nearby Finanzamt. If the holder will give mainly works through freelancing, the tax registration will allow the company the form of sole ownership. However, for young industries, the proprietor desires to admit with the Trade Office.
Our authorities in company formation in Germany help shareholders to bring all fundamental archives for the form. You will need documents showing your ID and a declaration about the task that intends to implement with the address.


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Sole proprietorship does not reimburse trade or corporate rates in Germany. An exclusive proprietor will have to compensate for the income tax since individual traders are self-employed persons. Entrepreneurs can profit from exceptions up to 8000 Euros. Germany has a progressive income tax structure.
Those who want to be self-established but do not wish to abide by the whole accountability for their sole proprietorship can also set up a limited-liability company with one employee only. But one-person GmbH requires the least capital of 25.000 Euros.

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