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How to Register a Dutch Branch?

The most ideal approach to begin a business in The Netherlands depends on your circumstance. Each company is different and special in its manners. You might be planning to extend your business and increase sales. Each organization is exceptional; your prerequisites normally are not. You might be looking for professionals or basically to protect your possessions in a safe Dutch bank. We have drafted on typical market passage situations so you can get recognizable with the most important information, and how ODINT consulting can aid you to start a Dutch BV

A branch isn’t measured as a different legal entity anyway but is truly a leap to the foreign parent organization or connection. This means a branch must be set up when an existing company needs to go to the Netherlands, while it’s viewed as an independent individual that does business in its name. 

However, the branch is additionally exposed to the restricted laws and guidelines, even though it does not have to prepare (and file) an Annual Report in the Netherlands. A branch is liable for corporate tax evaluation in the Netherlands, and as such it’s required to document the annual corporate tax return, just as the quarterly VAT returns (in case of trading exercises).


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  • A Branch is a simple and economical way of establishing up a presence in the Netherlands 
  • A branch enlistment isn’t advised in case of active trading, in the event of claims from patrons or third parties towards the branch, the parent company can also be predictable to be held liable.
  • A branch enrollment requires you to furnish a fully translated and legitimized set of the legal documentation of the parent organization (the English language is authorized)
  • The branch is not a different lawful entity, yet is legitimately bound to the foreign parent organization – all duties of moves made by the branch are taken by the parent organization.
  • The foreign parent organization is accountable for obligations and debts caused by the branch in the Netherlands. 
  • The Branch should escort the same kind of business as the parent organization. 
  • A Branch should consent to both Dutch laws as the laws in the country of residence of the foreign parent organization.
  • The Branch doesn’t have a necessity for minimal capital and needs a local director. 
  • The pay of the Dutch Branch will be taxed according to the Dutch Tax law. 
  • The branch may meet all requirements for royalties, interest, or reduced retain tax. For this case, there are several double tax treaties between the Netherlands and some different nations. 
  • Local guidelines and requirements apply for the Dutch branch, for example when a permanent specialist will be on the economics of the organization, or different workers of a branch should be enrolled for the social insurance. If not, the agent of the branch may be personally liable for not paying the commitments.

Remote Or Standard Formation

It’s common practice to visit the Netherlands to establish the branch, while such a visit is compulsory if you wish to obtain a Dutch account for your business.

There is no legal prerequisite to open a Dutch bank account to maintain the business, and no capital store is required. In case, if you don’t wish to open a Dutch bank account, you may be qualified for a remote formation, which means you will want to enlist your company from your nation of origin. Kindly contact us if you have any inquiries regarding what type of formation would suit your situation best.

Process and Timeline

The enlistment of a branch is direct and it is viable within one day, during a visit of the delegate of the (parent) organization to The Netherlands. 

It’s important to plan the business in the Netherlands appropriately, with the aim that correct documents will be taken along, including the right legalization. Ideally, it requires our patrons about 1 or 2 weeks( approximately) to get the documentation in order except if the parent company is situated in a country like the United Kingdom, where it’s not difficult to get the necessary information (and no interpretation is required!).

More Information

For more details concerning setting up a Dutch Branch, we insist you download our Branch Fact sheet or contact our Experts for personalized abstain! 

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