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Dubai is one of the most wealthy and cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East, combining elements of the East and the West. It is one of the most appealing business locations in the world.

LLC Company Formation in Dubai


A Limited Liability Company or LLC is one way to start up a business in Dubai. The most popular type of corporation in the UAE seems to be an LLC. Established by at least two shareholders and up to fifty stockholders, with liability limited to the value of their capital investment shares. Many companies choose an LLC with foreign partners because it is the only service that provides an expatriate with the maximum legal ownership of a local business, i.e. 49%. Since they need a UAE national to be a partner in the LLC (51% shareholding), the prospective investor has the option to select one national (sponsor) as an associate in the business.

LLCs are flexible, and provisions for mutual profit sharing are also workable. It provides a significant advantage to the international investor because a local partner has 51% legal equity.

If you want to set up an LLC in Dubai, the ODINT consulting setup will help you with everything from paperwork registration to locating an investor-friendly zone.


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Setting up a LLC Company in Dubai

The steps outlined below are necessary to establish an LLC in Dubai.  

  • Establishment of a company in Dubai with the Department of Economic Development. 
  • Preparing and notarizing the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the firm. 
  • Providing the Department of Economic Development with the required documents and business license application forms. 
  • Creating an account with the Dubai Commercial Register.
  • Upon incorporation, it must register employees with the Ministry of Labour and the General Authority for Pension and Social Security.
LLC Company in Dubai
Dubai Company Formation Cost

Dubai LLC Formation Cost

  • Commercial license fees
  • General trading movement Fees
  • Non-Arabic trade name fees
  • Market charge
  • Fees for name board
  • Service charge
  • Fee for accommodation for an associate
  • Fees for the Chamber of Commerce
  • Fees for the Economy Ministry
  • Fees for limited services

If somebody wants to set up an LLC in Dubai, the Charges listed above are some of the most popular. 

LLC Registration in Dubai

They accomplished compliance with the DED by completing the type for the trade name and the application form for the warrants. If one or both members are corporations, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, an Association Memorandum, and a Board of Directors’ resolution required to approve the LLC Subscription.

It will also be essential to have a Power of Attorney allowing someone to act on behalf of the shareholders who formed the LLC. In particular, copies of shareholders passports and suggested general managers provided, and directors. Following that, the DED will give the first authorization to this effect. Depending on the activities proposed by the LLC, it may require additional permits.

The 2011 Licensing Law, officially known as the “Law on the Organization of Economic Activities Practice in the Emirate of Dubai,” simplified the licensing process by requiring the DED to get licenses from the ministries and/or departments.

Once the permits and permissions from the ministries and/or agencies have been gained, the Power of Attorney holder must sign an LLC formation contract in front of a notary. Entire once it’s completed the contract, must collect the above paperwork to register an LLC in Dubai.

Offshore Company in Dubai

An offshore business is a common form of company in the UAE and throughout the world. It has white list status, which shows that it is not an official FAFT “tax haven blacklist”. As a result, an offshore business in Dubai will have a documented and standard worldwide standing.

Offshore Company in Dubai
LLC Company in Sharjah

LLC Company in Sharjah

Sharjah permits the registration of seven different companies, one of which is an LLC. Setting up an LLC in this city is a good quality move. It has a key trade position in the gulf.

The most popular type of company formation in Sharjah is an LLC. The regulations for registration are the same as those in Dubai. Similarly, an LLC in Sharjah must have at least two participants and a highest of fifty.

LLC Company in Ajman

LLC Company Formation Abu Dhabi is the most regularly used company for enterprises looking to enlarge outside of the UAE Free Zone. A UAE person or a firm controlled by citizens must buy at least 51% of a limited liability corporation’s total possession. Other limitations and others related to certain businesses, which vary from one Emirate to the next.

LLC company in Ajman
LLC Company in Abu Dhabhi

LLC Company in Abu Dhabi

LLC Company Formation Abu Dhabi is the most usually used company for enterprises looking to enlarge outside of the UAE Free Zone. A  person or a firm wholly controlled by UAE citizens must buy at least 51% of a limited liability corporation’s entire possession. 

LLC The foundation of a business in Abu Dhabi has diverse recompense, including the fact that the investor is a shareholder in the firm 100% tax-free, with no precise minimum capital requirements, and many other advantages.

For setting up a company in Dubai, adhere to the regulations. ODINT consulting will be available to assist you in meeting ongoing filing needs and successfully operating your business.

Here, starting a business is trouble-free. Here are the measures for registering a corporation.

  • Decide the legal entity type.
  • Select a business name.
  • Apply for a business permit.
  • Choose an office space.
  • Get pre-approvals, list your trade and get your authorization.

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