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Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to grow and expand your business?

ODINT Consulting empowers businesses to explore, enter and manage markets beyond borders.

Most Companies Fail Because They Don’t Take Their Business Global

  • Are you struggling with spending money on wasteful marketing strategies?
  • Exhibiting in International trade shows that generate less or no business inquiries.
  • Have great products but failing to find the right customers?
  • Worried about meeting your overheads business expenses.
  • Have limited financial capital to invest in testing a new marketing approach?
  • If yes, then Odint Consulting can help to overcome all your worries.

Low startup Cost

Expand and Establish your presence in market such as European Union, Middle East with minimum startup investment.

Flexible Operating Solutions

We offer low cost and flexible operating solution so you can focus on sales and marketing to local companies.

Proximity is Power

Service and be responsive to your clients' requirements when you operate in the local market as a local brand/company.

Expert Guidance

We guide you all along the way to give an extremely low cost and reasonable platform to grow and expand your business local or global markets.

Business Setup and Company Incorporation Globally

Streamline your global expansion by leveraging the expertise of Odint Consulting. Our team of experts will take the fuss out of the formation so that you can concentrate on the business. Focussing on the Europe-India partnership, we enable companies to realize their vision of expanding in international markets. Our global experience and complete range of services will take you through the entire formation process from market research to company registration.

Every country in Europe has its own set of benefits and pitfalls which could become difficult to navigate without expert help. We at Odint Consulting, bank on our years of experience to deliver the best solutions as per your precise requirements. What we bring to the table:

Expert Understanding

We understand the European market to the dot. This will help you get the best practical solution along with on-ground implementation.

Robust Process

The process followed by us has been ‘tried and tested’ over the years. You get the most robust processes across all industry sectors and markets.

Practical Approach

We do not claim to pull a rabbit out of the hat, we believe in taking a practical approach to deliver results that enable you to ‘hit the ground’ running.

Transparency and Customer-centricity

International Company Formation

Netherlands Company Formation

With its optimal location and extensive resources, the Netherlands is one of the top countries for international business expansion. Ranked seventh by Forbes on the list of ‘best countries for business’, Netherlands offers some critical advantages over its European counterparts. The ideal location of the Netherlands enables you to reach 170 million consumers within 500 km and 244 million consumers within 1000 km. Backed by a robust infrastructure, multilingual workforce, and a favorable corporate tax system, Netherlands should be on the top of your list for global business expansion.

Germany Company Formation

Germany is one of the most preferred nations in Europe for expansion with over 45,000 international companies already established in the country. Being a stable country with a sound economy, Germany is ranked the fourth-best country in the world to do business. Germany also offers a strong workforce with a high skill level making it easy for your business to hire the right employees. While Germany is renowned worldwide for its automotive industry, engineering, and operations, it is now making considerable strides in tech-companies opening up new opportunities that could be perfect for you.

A unique approach to find Solutions

Identify a Problem

Each market is unique in its own way. So, we study these blocks of small markets to understand and evaluate the problems faced by each market.

Market Gap

Next, we rigorously research the products and services that can actually solve a problem if introduced in a new market.

Solution Providers

Next, we rigorously research the products and services that can actually solve a problem if introduced in a new market.

Our Work Begins

Once the solution providers are convinced that they can solve the problem, we guide them through the steps of our market-leading practice.
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