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In case you are a non-EU company, intending to sell products on the European market, you might have to apply for Value Added Tax no in European Union(EU) countries. 0% VAT for business between EU member states. the VAT rates are- 

  • 21% standard VAT rate 
  • 6%lower VAT rate 
  • 0% tax-exempt rate 
  • 0% transaction between EU countries 

ODINT consulting can help you to register a Dutch company or to apply for a VAT company. When your activities in the Netherlands develop, we can help you to set up a full-fledged office. 


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Developing your business in the Netherlands The country has maintained a 20th position as the largest economy in the world because of the Dutch exchange mindset and strong transportation framework. 

Are you searching for new patrons In Europe or explicitly in the Netherlands? ODINT consulting can help you to set up marketing and deals channels, get in touch with clients and foster your business in the Netherlands. If you are active in e-commerce, we can help you to get associated with online marketplaces, like,, and so forth. 

All government agencies and most organizations in the Netherlands communicate in English; we have a liberal point of view towards non-residents. Dutch is not just ‘liberal’, indeed we greet abroad companies and ex-pats with special tax incentives and easy admission to funding programs. The Netherlands gives Entrepreneurs Visa’s to build up business people and Startup Visas for talented and imaginative and creative new companies. 

ODINT consulting is a stranded corporate professional service that can help you with your entire cycle of organization enrollment.

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