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    The Netherlands is Europe's largest logistics center because it also has two of the largest ports on the continent of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Over the years, some of the largest companies in the world have established their regional headquarters here which has led to the opening of smaller business which concluded contracts with these multinationals. These small businesses also needed to have registered addresses as a condition stipulated by Dutch Company Law and this is how the virtual office becomes a reality. The Netherlands Virtual Office is a commercial location that allows companies and business owners to carry out their activities remotely.


    The holding company is one of the most popular forms of business in the Netherlands and the virtual office is one of the best solutions with a registered address. Our Dutch company can set up agents to assist foreign investors who want to set up a holding company here.


    The uses of a Dutch virtual office:

    • The virtual office can be used for several purposes, among which:
    • The registered address when starting the company registration process in the Netherlands;
    • The address of some service information that can be asked as an existing or potential customer and business partner;
    • As a point of contact for foreign companies without local offices;
    • The business address of foreign entrepreneurs as an exclusive trader in the Netherlands.

    Netherlands Virtual Office Service Package


    When obtaining a virtual office in the Netherlands, the first and perhaps most important service customer can benefit from some business address that can be located in the country's most important business center. A good communication infrastructure also enables Dutch companies to benefit from the following state-of-the-art services like :

    • Meeting room
    • Bank statement collection and forwarding services (service offered on request);
    • E-mail Database collection and forwarding services to any address specified by the client;
    • High-speed internet connection which will enable the customers to get in touch with clients and business partners without any worry or interruption;
    • Dedicated local phone number with voice mail and fax services; services, provided that the room is booked a few days ahead;
    • The famous address of the recognized business center selected by the customer.

    Our European company formation consultants in the Netherlands can provide more information about virtual office add-on services.

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