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Market Entry Services

We take your business to the world!

We offer a range of services to companies to help them explore a market (domestic or international) and guide their entry to make a powerful impact. Apart from bringing global expertise, we also offer compliance and administration services.

The twenty-first century saw a spurt in the number of joint ventures and international alliances. With our experience in joint ventures, we ensure that our clients get immediate access to desired markets and distribution channels.

Strategic alliances can be tricky, especially international alliances. The business plan and contract need to be detailed and protect the interests of all parties involved. Our team of experts ensures that the interdependence and competition, similarities and differences, and risks and rewards are navigated diligently.

We can help you Register a company in the Netherlands, start a company in Germanycompany setup in India, and open a company in the Dubai.

Market Entry
Market Entry
Market Entry
Transaction Services
Transaction Services

Transaction Services

Simplifying Trade Policies!

At ODINT, we understand that when a business traverses geographical barriers, there are various concerns like market conditions, the demographic profile of market segments, competition, trade policies, etc. This is where ODINT partners with you and brings assessment, strategy, technology, and innovative solutions to the table.

We offer a range of transaction services focused at international markets like identifying joint venture and alliance partners, company acquisition, asset valuations, structuring & negotiating deals, drafting legal agreements, IP & Trademark protection services, international licensing, etc.

With ODINT, you can focus on establishing and growing your business & leave the transactions to us.

Technology Services

Technology Consulting

Bringing technology to your business!

Technology impacts almost all aspects of a business. From simplifying business communication, to optimizing production, inventory management  and record-keeping, we leverage technology to help you drive growth and power ahead with a data-first attitude.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) have simplified processes across sectors and made lives easier. We connect you with experts in this field and help deliver results.

At ODINT, we help businesses use technology to boost efficiency and save time and money.

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