1. Identification of Potential Joint Venture Partners

Over the past decade there has been an exponential growth in international joint ventures and strategic alliances. Companies have recognised that technology and business processes are becoming more and more complex. However, ODINT is here to help you navigate through the process.
We know how joint ventures enable companies to get a fast access to new markets and distribution channels and how, it is a great way to reduce production cost and acquire new skills and competences.

2. Company Acquisitions

ODINT understands that acquisitions offer great opportunities to companies for future growth. With our experience in different countries across Europe, ODINT has helped companies make acquisition decisions, and the results have turned out to be extremely important to all the new and existing employees.

3. Asset Valuations

Asset valuation is essentially the process of determining the fair market or present value of assets. ODINT steps in and puts all the experience into use as far as book values, absolute valuation models like discounted cash flow analysis etc are concerned.

4. Deal Structuring and Negotiations

ODINT not only has experience, but successful expertise in methods that include methods of payment, timing of payments, business entities involved, tax treatment, among other things. We have professionals that carry out important consequences which should always be addressed during the crucial negotiation process.

5. Drafting and vetting legal agreements

ODINT will cover all the bases as far as all the legal agreements are concerned. We have experience and understand the law, rights, scope, liabilities & remedies of the countries we have helped companies to set up shup and execute their transaction services. None of the agreement are made in a stereotypical manner and there are absolutely no loose ends.

6. Intellectual Property & Trademark protections

Your intellectual property of any company – and this includes patents, trade secrets or just employee know-how, could well be far more valuable than all the physical assets combined.
For these reasons it is massively important to always keep the property safe and hence, ODINT with the experience and with the skillsets we always work closely with CSO, CISO, and chief risk officer (CRO) to ensure IP is protected.

7. International licensing agreements

International licensing agreements are essential to the business world – it ranges from the small manufacturers trying to spread its wings into the world market to the established larger corporation that want to firmly establish subsidiaries abroad.
ODINT, with this experience and ability to deliver results across different markets, will take care of planning and drafting all such international licensing agreements.

8. Deal Due Diligence

Due diligence is essentially a process of verification, investigation, or audit of a potential deal or even an investment opportunity that will confirm all the relevant facts and all the financial information.
ODINT ensures that all due diligence is taken care of and all boxes are ticked before the deal closes and this will provide the buyer with an assurance of what they’re getting into.

9. Local government policy assistance

Business owners often believe that governments across country can act as massive hassle, in both setting up new shop, or even for expansion.
And this is why, ODINT is your accomplice – we take care of all the red tape, we take all the permits and yes, you can be rest assured about paying all the taxes, certifying all the employees so that the business always complies with all local, state, and federal laws.

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