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Located almost at the centre of Europe, Germany has emerged as the largest economy in the continent and the fifth-largest in the world. The German economy is interlinked with most countries in the world, and nearly 4% direct investment flows into the nation.

The population of the country is of over 83 million and a per capita GDP of about USD 47,500, Germany is a vast market in itself. The country is also an EU and NATO member and thus, business can be conducted very smoothly in Germany.

The country has a strong export sector with machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and other products being exported across the world and benchmarks being set in terms of quality.

What Are The Advantages Of Company Formation In Germany

With ODINT, company formation in Germany can be a stepping stone for your business as it aims to enter a vast sea of opportunities. With its vast geographical area of 138,000 square miles, Germany has several large cities from Berlin to Hamburg that are ideal for business.

Apart from this, there are more than 10 million foreigners live in Germany and this makes it a truly cosmopolitan society. With a top-notch infrastructure which is crucial for doing business in Germany makes a strong case to be your next business destination.

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Economic Opportunities In Germany

Germany boasts of having a highly skilled and disciplined workforce. For them, getting work done over and above everything is always important and hence, foreign business immigration in Germany can count on high productivity.

The country has over 45,000 international companies registered in the country that employ over 3 million people. New companies in Germany are offered incentives by the government. From cash incentives to reimbursements of direct investments, entrepreneurs can expect substantial support.

The Federal Government has also introduced reforms to reduce corporate tax-levels and improve the general tax framework. In spite of several economic opportunities in Germany, the country is ranked at 22nd position in ease of doing business. This is largely due to a range of local approvals required from getting electricity to registering property. You can expedite the process of Germany Company Incorporation by seeking the assistance of professional consultants with local knowledge.

ODINT has professionals that understand the lay of the land and we will ensure that you get all the benefits and your business takes off as soon as you enter the country.

What Are The Feature Of A gmbh Or Mini-Gmbh Company Formation In Germany

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) is the most common form of company formation in Germany. It is a limited liability private company which can be started with even one person. It allows 100% foreign ownership and share capital of 25,000 Euros.

It is an easier alternative for businesses that are just starting their operations will be a Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) or mini-GmBH. It does not have any minimum share capital requirement and allows 100% foreign ownership.
And hence, ODINT will give a boost to your business!

Business Opportunities In Germany

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