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About Germany

Germany is one of the best locations to start a company in Europe.

| Centrally located in Europe | Largest Economy in Europe | Fifth-largest Economy in the World | Open to Foreign Investors |

 Germany has a population of over 83 million with a per capita GDP of nearly USD 52,000. It is a global leader in industrial, scientific and technological sectors and the third-largest importer and exporter of goods. It is a member of the United Nations, NATO, the G7, the G20, and the OECD.

Germany has a social market economy known for higher levels of innovation. Add to it with a highly skilled labor force, a low level of corruption, and a high level of innovation. It is part of the single European market with more than 450 million consumers.

Why Germany?

Here are some factors that make Germany an ideal destination to expand your business to a new country:

  • It has an open economy that largely depends on foreign trade. This has resulted in the German Government offering several tax benefits and allowances to international businesses and welcoming expats with special tax incentives.
  • The country offers a Startup Visa in Germany for promising startups.
  • It is the Land of Innovation with around 277 patents per million inhabitants.
  • Availability of a highly skilled and disciplined workforce
  • There are over 45,000 international companies registered in Germany. It also has more than 10 million foreigners living on its soil.
  • The government keeps updating the tax policies regularly to make it easy for foreigners to do business.
About Germany

Despite these benefits, Germany stands 22nd in the ease of doing business rankings. This is primarily due to the range of approvals needed to start a business. Partnering with ODINT can help you fasten the process since we have experts with updated information about German processes and can help you get started in no time.

Types of Companies you can form in the Germany

In Germany, you can register different types of business entities with ease. Branch registration in Germany of your company is hassle-free too. Here are the different types of companies you can form in the country.

  • German GMBH [Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung] – Limited Liability Company
  • AG-German Joint Stock Company
  • German Limited Partnership
  • Sole Trader [like a sole proprietorship]
  • Branch

Grow your business in the Germany

We make the process SIMPLE

Introducing a GmbH and Mini-GmbH

Gmbh Company Formation

A GmbH [Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung] is the most common form of company formation in Germany. It is a limited liability private company that can be started with even one person. A GmbH company allows 100% foreign ownership and has a share capital requirement of 25,000 Euros.

If you are just starting your business in Germany, then you can opt for a Mini-GmbH. There is no minimum share capital requirement to register a mini-GmbH company and it offers 100% foreign ownership too.

Germany Company Formation Process

Here is a broad-level Germany Company Formation Process:

  • Verify the availability of the Company Name and reserve it
  • Choose the types of legal entity in Germany that you want to register
  • Execute the Deed of Formation before a Notary
  • Draft the Articles of Association
  • Open a corporate bank account and deposit the share capital in it
  • Register the business in the commercial register

Grow your business in the Germany

We make the process SIMPLE

Why ODINT Consulting?

If you want to register a German business and are looking for a partner to help you understand and guide you through the process, then ODINT is the right platform for you. We can help you establish and develop your business in Germany and various other countries. Here are some services offered by ODINT to clients who want to start a German business:

Odint Consulting
  • Consultation services for incorporating a company in Germany & Germany Business Immigration services
  • Assistance in creating a market entry strategy
  • End-to-end assistance in applying for the registration of your business in Germany
  • Assistance in applying for a VAT number
  • Guidance for acquiring the required licenses and permits
  • Assistance with local regulations
  • Tax and legal support in Germany

At ODINT, we strive to make processes simple and hassle-free and ensure that you can expand your business to a new country in no time. In Germany business opportunities are aplenty making it a good destination to enter the European markets. We strictly adhere to the Germany company formation timeline committed by us during the initial stages and work with you to register the perfect legal entity in Germany. You can get in touch with our experts to know the detailed process and get an estimate about Germany Company Incorporation Cost

Top Sectors In Germany

Here are some German market insights. Take a look at the top sectors in Germany.

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