UAE Company Formation

Why Dubai is a good bet?

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and hence, has emerged as one of the most appealing cities to not only enter, but to expand the business. Perhaps the biggest reasons are the fact that Dubai has an open economy, but it also extremely business-friendly.

Dubai is nestled perfectly between Europe, Africa, and Asia which makes it one of the best countries around the world to grow business. Not only this, UAE has also been ranked number 1 in the world as far as ease of doing business is concerned.

With a population of over 10 million, UAE is certainly the market you would not to miss. As per projections, it is all set to 80% of its GDP from non-oil industries. With all the services of ODINT at your disposal, this is the most opportune time for your company to enter and expand in the UAE.

What are the advantages of forming company in Dubai?

Why you should be pumped about Dubai?

Currently, Dubai allows 100% ownership of the company to foreigners for businesses in the free zone. The legal framework in the country except for criminal laws is highly favourable towards the foreign nationals. Massive tax breaks and exemptions are offered to foreign businesses and this is what, ODINT will always make sure you achieve at all times.

  • Availability of manpower, both skilled and unskilled. 
  • A robust infrastructure. 
  • A growing economy with favourable policies. 

Grow your Business in the UAE

What are the economic opportunities in UAE?

One of the biggest reasons why UAE should be your business destination is the fact that UAE is the ninth freest economy in 2019. It has an economic freedom score of 77.6 and the country boasts of a GDP of USD 686.6 billion with as astounding per capita GDP of USD 41,100.

Not only this, the inflation in the UAE is at only 2%, and the FDI inflow in 2019 was USD 10.4 billion. Combine this with the falling oil prices that have played a direct an impact on the economy of the country and this has resulted in the Emirates pursuing aggressive economic diversification.

The country has several free zones and the UAE offer several benefits and assistance for businesses to grow and flourish.

As many as 122 economic activities spread across 13 sectors are eligible for 100 per cent ownership in UAE even outside the free zones. There are special long-term visas which are offered by the UAE authorities to foreign nationals doing business in UAE.

There is a conducive legal environment in place and ODINT will enable you to avail the several benefits offered to international businesses make UAE an ideal country to start your global business expansion.

What are the features that go behind company formation in Dubai

Company formation in Dubai includes a set of legal requirements given the benefits offered in the free zones. Company formation outside free zones will also require you to adhere to several initial procedures. You will have to decide whether you wish to register as a Representative Office or Branch. The implications for both are different and the decision should be taken based on your specific business requirement. You can easily streamline the process by using our company formation service in UAE.

What are the business opportunities in Dubai?

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