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AI and ML

“Data First” has always been a mantra for us – for this we deploy the cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Leaning (ML) technologies that is powering our clients business in Future. We firmly believe that applications should be equipped to take ‘intelligent’ decisions when action needs to be taken. ODINT’s team of experienced data scientist, engineer’s and analysts are geared to be your accomplice on this transformational journey.

Global companies use ODINT’s AI driven consulting


ODINTS services


  • AI & ML roadmap
  • Understanding Opportunity
  • Business Case Development

Model Building

  • Setting up Framework
  • Model exploration and selection
  • Setting up scope and timeline

Data Services

  • Expletory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Pipeline Development
  • Data training and testing
  • Model Monitoring

Annotation Services

  • Image annotation, detection and segmentation.
  • Natural Language Annotation
  • Development Enterprise Annotation Tools

How to start an AI project in your enterprise?

When you partner with ODINT, our expertise and market
experience helps your business with a four-fold business advantage:

  1. Identify your problem area such as productivity, product quality issue or declining sales.
  2. Call one of our experts to have preliminary discussion to understand the objectives.
  3. ODINT’s AI technology team will come up with a POC (proof of concept) proposal. This usually runs for 6-8 weeks to establish initial goals.
  4. Only after delivering measurable results during the POC phase, we collaborate on long-term basis.


Enterprises that use AI are more equipped to handle the challenges of the evolving world.

AI In Action

1. Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used for a variety of healthcare and research purposes that include detection of disease, management of chronic conditions as well as delivery of health services, and drug discovery.

The rapidly growing accessibility of healthcare medical data as well as the advances that have been made of big data diagnostic techniques has been able to encompass the potential of the current successful uses of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare system.

Most of the common issues of artificial intelligence (AI) technique in healthcare system are regulatory compliance requirements as well as patient and provider adoption, and also lack of data exchange. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being put to use to analyze and identify patterns in large and complex datasets faster and they have been made precise like never before.

Retail industry has been undergone a digital transformation and the growth is due to increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy across every branch of retail business. This is owing to advancements made in predictive analytics systems that are helping companies make data-driven business decisions.

It should be mentioned here that none of these insights would have been possible without the internet of things (IoT), and most importantly, artificial intelligence. AI in retail has bolstered businesses with high-level data and information which has been leveraged into improved retail operations and new business opportunities.

AI has been put to use to collect, process, and analyze troves of data. All the collected information has been put to use to predict, forecast, inform, and help retailers make accurate, data-driven business decisions.

2. retail

3. AI in e-commerce

AI has enabled merchants to leverage cookie data which can then be used to provide consumers with highly tailored offerings. By putting into use natural language processing capabilities, image, video and audio recognition, retailers will be able to understand and provide what their customers really want.

eCommerce continues to benefit tremendously from AI. This has already seen companies shape the buying and selling experience for both shoppers and sellers. As per forecast, AI can be worth $27 billion in retail alone by 2025.

There is so much potential to be tapped into. However, organisations need to ensure that they are ahead of the curve and that they clean, accessible and high-quality data from which they can derive meaningful insights and provide tailored solutions.

With our AI driven ‘Data First’ approach, ODINT is transforming each functional area of our client’s business

Sales & Marketing

Human Resources

Quality Assurance



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