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Data Driven Transformation

AI and ML

Mutate the direction of your business with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

With the help of our AI and Machine Learning Consulting, you can transmit customized client experiences, robotize your inner processes and enforce solutions that will change the manner in which clients interface with your products and services.

Data-Driven Transformation

Modernize your data system to become productive, efficient, and effectively scale like never before. 

Data-driven transformation plays a significant role in speeding up business development and client experience. We at Odint focused on making a data and analytics (D&A) procedure that can deal with the modern challenges alongside achieving the deep-rooted business vision.

AI and ML

“Data First” has always been a mantra for us – for this, we deploy the cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies that are powering our client’s business in the Future. We firmly believe that applications should be equipped to take ‘intelligent’ decisions when action needs to be taken. ODINT’s team of experienced data scientists, engineer and analysts are geared to be your accomplice on this transformational journey.

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Stimulate Your Business Value 

With the help of AI solutions and a Machine Learning model, companies improve the speed of the tasks and automate them to make them more powerful and productive. 

Find the broadest and most profound system of machine learning and AI services for your business and get the most extensive organized data-driven stage for your business. With Signity, pick the most streamlined machine learning dataset, delivering superior computing without any trade-offs on analytics and security. Odint’s is one of the tops AI and ML organizations that will make algorithms from scratch for exceptionally versatile solutions. We transform raw data from custom software into distinct datasets for executing clustering, classification, relapse, reduction analysis, density estimation and afterward convey those models across the significant system. 

Global companies use ODINT’s AI driven consulting


ODINTS services

Steps to introduce AI in your Firm

When you partner with ODINT, our proficiency and market
understanding helps your business with a four-fold business gain:

  1. Recognize your challenge area for instance efficiency, product enhancement or decreasing sales.
  2. Get in touch with one of our experts to have initial conversation to explain your objectives.
  3. ODINT’s AI technology team will turn up with a proof of principle suggestion. This typically is for 6-8 weeks to establish and reach your preliminary objectives.
  4. Post after delivery of the measurable outcomes during the POC stage, we collaborate on long-standing basis.


Enterprises that use AI are more equipped to handle the challenges of the evolving world.

AI In Action

1. Healthcare

The medical sector is a conspicuous region to address AI in. It creates tidal waves of data, immense measures of cash are spent on it, and there is a lot of possibilities to improve the nature of its products and services by making them more intelligible and intelligent. At ODINT, we create solutions for medical care organizations to handle their rigid AI challenges by developing desired solutions.

From detection of disease, management of chronic conditions as well as delivery of health services, and drug discovery.

AI and ML technology is being put to use to analyse and identify patterns in large and complex datasets faster and they have been made precise like never before.

With the help of data gained through the AI-driven analysis platform, retailers can settle on all-around educated business choices about the amount of stock to be requested depending on the clients’ behaviour. It won’t just build productivity yet additionally set aside time and funds for the organization. 

With the help of AI algorithms, retail businesses can run focused on promoting efforts dependent on clients’ locale, inclinations, and buying propensities. It will help in improving client retention and loyalty as experience is an unbelievable method to show them give it a second thought. At ODINT, we are developing software to automate marketing tasks or prognostic analytics to recognize which clienteles are expected to buy sure products. We are helping our clients to manage workloads that need volumes of data from many diverse sources to be saved and processed.

Artificial intelligence is believed to be essential for retail business chiefs. AI can assist retailers with sorting out their clients’ requests and needs, which will make them more client-driven. 

2. retail

3. Manufacturing

AI and ML optimizes manufacturing supply chains and anticipate market changes. During the peak of the global pandemic of COVID 19, companies using AI in their business were much better equipped to handle uncertain business climate.

Deploying AI technology such as Camera Vision (CV) is helping our global manufacturing clients to track and monitor quality issues. READ CASE STUDY (link to case study of manufacturing AI case Study)

With our AI driven ‘Data First’ approach, ODINT is transforming each functional area of our client’s business

Sales & Marketing

Quality Assurance


Human Resources


Supply Chain

AI & ML Insights

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