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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as a powerful agent that helps in automating manual and reparative tasks and processes. It is helping organizations to free up their workforce to focus on tasks that include judgment, creativity and soft-skills. Robotic process automation has considerably streamlined a broad variety of processes at the back office – the processes that forever kept the bank workers occupied and hassled. Humans have been replaced with machines for all the tedious tasks and this has played a massive part on a host of departments that includes staffing issues and expenses to performance and efficiency levels.

With RPA at their disposal, banks have been able to increase workforce efficiency, cut down the operational costs, and they have also been able to foster improvements in the customer service.

Now, since humans have been replaced with machines, human errors that include lack of knowledge or tiredness are eliminated and, in the process, RPA has been able to reduce the error rate and that have been provided a lowered operational risk.

A number of consumers are looking for online, on-demand purchasing experiences. This has increased demand and this in turn as applied immense pressure to logistics and supply chain companies. What this has done is that the process has been complicated.

As such, the companies need to optimize every part of their operation (e.g. inventory, shipment, scheduling, loading) to get products out as quickly and effectively as possible. Also, at the same time, logistics companies do collect humongous amounts of data and much of this data is not used.

Different reports have estimated that almost 80% of that data lies unstructured and hence, is invisible to current technology. This is where the IPA systems come into use as they can pull that data together to make predictions about consumer demands which can be used for logistics businesses to optimize their processes across the board and understand the demands.

ODINT Technology Consulting is deploying automation technology or BOTS as popularly know in industries such as Insurance claim settlement, BFSI customer support and manufacturing.

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