Why does the Netherlands attract hundreds of companies from the United Kingdom?

Business entrepreneurs or investors are right now deciding on constancy and protection by incorporating a Netherlands-based organization. Many United Kingdom (UK) based businesses need to deal with the economic factors after the impact of the Brexit to poll in the partition from the European Union. 

Many corporations, from trading companies to large financial institutions, thought of moving their business to the Netherlands. The choice builds up a business in the Netherlands could turn out to be essential. As the Netherlands is located in close immediacy to London, it will be a very effective move to relocate your organization to the Netherlands.

Starting a company in the Netherlands

Amsterdam has attracted organizations in exchanging and account, medicines, and agriculture, and many other businesses. To protect their European operations and the other operating system as Britain departed the European Union.

The big question for everyone is whether the UK will remain associated with the EU by any means if yes; in what role? The long-term relationship between the UK and Europe is entirely unsteady and this can affect your business.

Since the Brexit referendum, 180 UK companies have moved their enlistment to the Netherlands. 

The process of moving a company from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands is effectively manageable with the best assistance from an experienced party. Foreign investors in The Netherlands will need a Dutch lawful entity to do their business. If you want to relocate or open a company in The Netherlands you should understand what kind of legal entities can be used and which are suggested.

ODINT consulting has a specialist team on the International Market Entry Specialist team who can assist you with all your quires. We can advise you with the most ideal approach to enter the market. 



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