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For us, the biggest source of inspiration is our clients and when we help them establish their business, a sense of enthusiasm seeps in and it motivates us to keep pace and always be ahead of the curve.

We are always eager to make a positive impact on your business and when you diversify across boundaries, it adds as a massive boost. ODINT will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that things happen. Give us a chance and we will make things work!


Year Of Experience

Team is the essence

At ODINT, roles are clearly defined, every member of the team are experts in their domain and like a well-oiled machine we march ahead to achieve great feats. We trust all our team members and never infringe on wash other’s territory and this is how, the best on-ground research is carried out to deliver the best results.


ODINT’s clients will speak for us – as we do our level best to not only to get the lay of the land but to go ahead of deliver on all our commitments.
We get the job done and this is what makes the team proud as we have managed to remain reliable for a number of our clients. Our name precedes us and with hard work and commitment we have ensured that this trust and this reliability never fritters away.


There is no substitute to experience and when one has to deal with working across borders, one needs absolute knowledge and expertise in dealing with unexpected situations. ODINT has years of experience and we have developed unparallel expertise in delivering customised solutions and connecting with the right people.
Our actions have repercussions in your business and hence, we will do everything to deliver the results you need. We are committed to helping you enter various markets across the world.

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

The vision of ODINT is to become a trusted consulting company that goes out beyond borders to help business across the globe turn their dream into reality by entering booming markets. For us, the biggest aim is to utilise our local knowledge to deliver actionable and relevant insights for our clients.

Our Mission

ODINT wants to ensure that maximum number of businesses benefit from our expertise. We aim to become the number one business consulting firm which has worldwide recognition for its experienced professional consultants and top-notch customer service quality.

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