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The corporate income tax is 15% up to EUR 245.000 benefit a year, the benefit of EUR 245.000 and more is taxed at 25%. The Netherlands has a 21% VAT rate on goods and service delivery in the Netherlands. Between European nations, goods and services might be offered at a 0% VAT rate. Enterprises with a VAT number may guarantee back the VAT. For non-EU financial backers, starting a business in the Netherlands and obtaining a residency visa through business migration is a chance. 

The Netherlands is perhaps the most imaginative nation in the world, with a ground-breaking environment. Its low taxes, proficient force, and incredible communications make the Netherlands the ideal passage to Europe. The Netherlands offers a good foundation, low taxes, skilled and multilingual workforce, to empower you to develop your business. But will The Netherlands be the best country for YOU to build and set up your business? 

Having said that, it is ideal to contact our Incorporation group to talk about your condition, and decide whether the Netherlands is the correct decision for you! 


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