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We are an international business consultancy company that offers comprehensive services. Our motto is to partner with our clients from INSIGHT to IMPACT; or from identifying opportunities to implementing them. We help businesses expand internationally and have a strong understanding of the Indian, European, And Middle-East markets.

As international business advisors, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the markets that we offer services in and stay abreast of any new developments. We also have several network partners along with a team of experienced employees working tirelessly to help you register a company in India, the UAE, and European countries like the Netherlands and Germany.

We also offer technology consulting and offer services that can make a radical difference to your growth trajectory. We leverage the power of Data & Analytics to help you improve customer engagement, employee empowerment, and operational efficiency.


Transparency and Customer-centricity

Our Strengths

We blend our market expertise and experience to offer end-to-end services to you.

The advantages of partnering with us are manifold.


Entering a new market in a new country requires a strategic and planned approach. We have a strong presence in many countries and conduct an in-depth research before recommending any solution to our clients. Further, our network partners keep us updated about all the latest developments enabling us to offer relevant insights to you.

Problem Solving

A reliable service provider anticipates problems and offers solution even before they surface. At ODINT, our market experience and a team of experts ensures that we help prevent many problems and mitigate the effects of those that we can’t. Eventually, our results stand testament to the quality of services offered by us.

IT support

IT strategy has become an all-encompassing term that speaks about an organization’s management of its software, hardware, networks as well as the cloud technology, policies, and employees. ODINT offers comprehensive consulting services that include infrastructure consulting and digital transformation consulting, along with other consulting solutions.

Experience Team

Being a business consulting and strategizing firm, our employees are our biggest assets. Hence, we have handpicked each team member to create a cohesive unit that performs exceptionally under all circumstances. Also, with numerous satisfied clients, the team bring years of cumulative experience to the table.

Lifetime Support

We are a client-centric firm. Our services are designed keeping our clients as the topmost priority. After all, satisfied clients mean more business to us! We have developed a robust customer service and support process to ensure that all our clients get immediate and personalized attention. We offer multiple channels like voice calls, emails, live chats, social media, mobile apps, text messages, and self-help solutions to our clients.

Presence in Multiple countries

Every country has a unique geopolitical and macroeconomic situation. While studying about it is important, to conduct business, you need someone with a presence in the market. ODINT has operations in several countries allowing us to leverage our on-ground experience to formulate strategies and solutions that work.


To be the preferred name for international expansion across various market segments and industries. To offer the best-in-class service and ensure that business can enter, establish, expand, and engage with markets around the globe.


To be the catalysts of change by helping businesses expand beyond the geographical limitations of their country. To not merely provide insights, but also partner with them all through the journey until impact or implementation.

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